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Pattaya and around
Pattaya is an internationally known resort, situated in Chonburi province, on the coast of the Gulf of Siam, 147 km southeast of the capital Bangkok and 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Pattaya, which was in the early 60's a small fishing village, is now the first resort in Thailand by the number of tourists attending.

Many activities have developed in Pattaya City and surrounding areas. You will find many shops, restaurants, attractions, theme parks, sports activities, especially the king of sports, golf, about 17 golf courses in international categories are located close to Pattaya.
The walk on the beach on Pattaya Beach Thailand
Have a walk on the beach in Pattaya
Pattaya Bay Thailand
Pattaya Bay
A beach on the islands close to Pattaya Thailand
The islands in front of Pattaya
The Giant Buddha on the hill pattaya Thailand
The Giant Buddha on the hill
Beaches in Pattaya (Dong Tan) Thailand
Beaches in Pattaya (Dong Tan) Thailand

Night life

Pattaya nights are so varied that it is impossible to draw up a comprehensive directory.

The restaura nt at the street cart, In Pattaya you will enjoy many restaurants of all countries: Japanese, Laotian, Vietnamese, American, English, Irish, Arabic, Spanish, Swiss, Indian, German, Chinese, Austrian, Mexican, and Thai of course, and very often a very good value for money.

For disco on Walking Street, you will find Tony's, the Marine disco, Lucifer on the Walking Street on Pattaya Tai, Bamboo bar with disco music.
On third road you will find the Xzite. On the second road, Pattaya Nua, don't miss the Hollywood and the Paladium.
There is also on and around Walking Street bars and restaurants with bands, some with very good performances.

For shows, in our opinion, three stand out.
The ALANGKARN is a multidimensional show with Thai culture. This outstanding modern drama, with its large capacity (2000 seats), his innovative designs (length 70m), his big screens (11x15m) and artistic services synchronized with the latest electronic technology.
The Alcazar is the first cabaret in Asia, equivalent to the famous Lido or the Moulin Rouge in Paris. With 400 artists and their outstanding performance highlighted by games in modern lights.
The TIFFANY'S, in a beautiful setting, a drag show, is similar to the Alcazar. Which of the two shows is the most beautiful? Sometimes it is one sometimes it is another.

Alcazar Show - Pattaya Thailand
Alcazar Show - Pattaya - Thailand
Alcazar Show - Pattaya Thailand
Alcazar Show - Pattaya - Thailand
Alangkarn Show- Pattaya Thailand
Alangkarn Show- Pattaya - Thailand
Alangkarn Show- Pattaya Thailand
Alangkarn Show- Pattaya - Thailand
Show Tifany - Pattaya Thailand
Show Tifany - Pattaya - Thailand
The day time life

It is possible, in Pattaya and around, to practice a multitude of sports, ranging from Thai boxing to golf, snooker scuba diving, karting, bowlings, horse riding to bungee jumping and more ...

At least 17 golf courses are located close to Pattaya, very often with upscale amenities. Most of these courses are of international categories.
Jomtien Beach is a paradise for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, largely by the fact that this area enjoys brisk winds and fresh from the Gulf of Thailand and blowing landward.
Scuba diving and snorkeling with bottles is very popular around Pattaya's offshore islands, especially to those farthest from the Bay of Pattaya, known as Ko Pai, Ko Manwichai, and Ko Luam, Ko Rim

Pattaya, his attractions, theme parks. You will see parks and exotic gardens decorated with flowers of all beauties. Thais are elephant trainers, crocodiles, tigers, snakes etc.. with professionalism and a sense of extraordinary spectacle.

Among the major parks include :
- Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, a landscaped park, its palm (+ of 1100 varieties of palm trees) Her Thai cultural show, elephant show his players.
- Crocodile farm, its amazing collection of bonsai, his crocodile farm with his amazing show.
- Under Water World Pattaya, this aquarium is the largest and most modern in Asia.
- Sriracha Tiger Zoo, one of the largest tiger zoo in the world.
- Khaow Kheow Open Zoo, Wildlife park outdoors. Circuit on 2,000 hectares in practice by car or bicycle.
- Mini Siam, over 100 models of major monuments from antiquity to the present.
- Sanctuary of Truth, Architecture unavoidable, unique work of art made ??entirely with wood.
- Pattaya Elephant Village, This village was a haven for elephants.
- Pattaya Park, water theme park on the beach.
- The valley of the temples, a temple complex, 17 kilometers south of Pattaya.
- Floating market is the reconstruction of a floating market.

This list is not exhaustive, there are many other shows and attractions (snakes, monkeys, dolphins, etc. ..).

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden - Pattaya Thailand
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden - Pattaya - Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth - Pattaya Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth - Pattaya - Thailand
Crocodile Farm - Pattaya Thailand
Crocodile Farm - Pattaya - Thailand
Under Water World - Pattaya Thailand
Under Water World - Pattaya - Thailand
attaya Park - Pattaya Thailand
Pattaya Park - Pattaya - Thailand
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